Cult Investigation – Missing Children

This article is based on investigation evidence that was gathered during a cult investigation dealing with the abduction of missing children. Interestingly, most people remain unaware that over 3,000 children are yearly missing in LA, CA as a direct result of Cult related abductions for human sacrifices, combined with the on-going demand for sex-trade and human trafficking. Unfortunately, the mainstream news media refuses to announce such epidemic of horrors in order not to create a possible social pandemonium. Nonetheless, the bizarre facts remains that the clandestine and underground group of the Mexican Covenant known as “LA SANTA MUERTE”, is to also be directly link to such malicious tragedies.


As such, the necessities for human-bodies are as a result of the drug Cartels of Juarez-Mexico across El Paso, Texas, which requires human sacrifices to satisfy their Black Sabbath rituals (demonology). Amazingly, the border crossing traveling into Juarez, Mexico from El Paso, Texas is notorious for contraband, since no one inspects any of the in-coming cargo from USA! With such brewing, people are still gullible and thinking that the Church Of Satan in Ca actually just lights up black candles and dress in black satin ropes for fun while chanting Hell Satan? Priceless…


Currently, there are hundreds of vogue organizations that are maliciously profiting from these cult crimes by requesting funds from gullible concern citizens in order to finance search-rescue-extractions; which they obviously don’t! Some even claim to be former Navy Seals, FBI and CIA operatives, while marketing and selling you “fairy tales” themes of cult crimes. These unscrupulous foundations profit from the suffering and misery of others like vultures and carnivorous Hyenas!!!


Sadly, as an expert Cult Investigator, I see many of these cases go unfounded; since Law Enforcement is quite restricted in infiltrating as under-covers into such surreptitious evil worshiping groups. In statistical comparison, in the State of Florida alone, there are over (30) thousand registered pedophiles which are not monitored, therefore this can also attribute to the sexual exploits of such perverts who later commit murder of their victims in order to conceal the abduction(s) (evidence).

On another note, the lack of emotional closure and psychological suffering of the victims families is beyond description, while simultaneously the lack of Law Enforcement funds to investigate these felony crimes; does actually contributes indirectly to these abduction nightmares. it doesn’t take a criminologist or an academic anthropologist to find out what  is actually going on here!


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